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Crowdfunding for a fishing boat

In December 2020, we decided to create a crowdfunding campaign to buy a fishing boat. Our goal was to collect 10’000 CHF (= 11’000 $ US) in one month. What a joy to see our goal achieved in less than a month with the help of so many donors ! We are so grateful to them, for helping us to make this project real !

Why a fishing boat ?

Vilankulo is on the coast of the Indian Ocean. A fishing boat will enable Janela Africana to be more self-sustainable. The boat will create work opportunities for the locals. Therefore the fishes sold will generate salaries for the employees and help many families to step out of extreme poverty. It will also create an income to finance the different social projects of Janela Africana.

The fishes will also help us to feed the children of our preschool in the village of Bawa. We are giving them one meal every day of school. The boat will be build in Mozambique, by Mozambican craftsmen, using local materials. Thus, it will also support the local economy.

What a joy for us the see more that 108 donators, who believed in our project and in the great change it will make in the lives of people in Mozambique.

We are looking forward to tell you the news about the build of the boat and his use !

Keep updated about the last news of this project :

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